Blame it on the Tetons.

we kiss on the mouth but still cough down our sleeves.

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40 years ago today my dad was born. He was and is my hero. He worked hard all his life and taught me all I know about peace, happiness, and above all else to care for others and to show the people you love that you love them. It’s been 2 years since my father lost is battle with depression and to say the least its been hard. My father wrote to me last “ride the spiral to the end and you may just go where no ones been.” So to anyone out there who is struggling hang in there you are loved and things will get better. Keep on keeping on.

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Phantogram @ SiriusXMU session

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and it’s hard to be a human being
and it’s harder as anything else
and I’m lonesome when you’re around
and I’m never lonesome when I’m by myself

and I miss you when you’re around
and I miss you when you’re around
and I miss you when you’re around

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Fluorite Rogerley Mine, Frosterley Country, Durham, United Kingdom.

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